Eden Starkiller

Daughter of the infamous pirate, Drake Starkiller



Great ( +4 ) Athletics
Good ( +3 ) Notice, Fight
Fair ( +2 ) Provoke, Deceive, Rapport
Average ( +1 ) Physique, Mech Flight, Burglary, Shoot


Child of infamous pirate Drake Starkiller
Member of the rebellion
Trusted friend of Captain Akuma
Lover of Lady Noha
As nimble as a Terebithian Mountain Cat
Eden and Genesis (mech) work as one
Born to fight
Once a pirate, always a pirate
Shit stirrer


Dual wield (x2 damage)
Akuma’s laser swords (easy to conceal, armour reduction 2)
Underground contacts
Keen eye sight (+1 notice)
Roll with the blow (Athletics – succeed on defense with style and get free scene aspect)

Physical stress 3
Mental Stress 2

Mech – Genesis


Eden is the only child of the notorious space pirate, Drake Starkiller. Her mother, Mara, died during childbirth, but was one of Drake’s numerous mistresses. Mara was one of many refugees that Drake rescued following the destruction of the human colony on Terebithia by The Unity. He sold many of the refugees into slavery, keeping the strongest and most beautiful for himself. Some willingly joined his band of pirates, others resisted and were either killed or imprisoned using slave collars and forced to work.

Many have speculated that Drake Starkiller is evil incarnate. His ruthlessness, greed and complete disregard for another life are what make him an excellent pirate, but also a man that Eden cannot stand. When Eden was young, Drake kept her sheltered from his true self, but as she grew older she soon realised what sort of person he was. He trained Eden in the art of self-preservation and combat, for which Eden is grateful, but she thought that her father should use his fleet and vast resources to help the rebellion against The Unity. Some of her father’s friends agreed, but Drake dealt with this by murdering those that resisted and persuading the others to see the error of their ways.

From that point on, Eden did not speak of the rebellion to her father, but continued to plot in secret to assist them and rally her father’s friends to her side. Of great assistance in this plot were Captain Akuma, a trusted lieutenant of Drake’s, and two newcomers to the crew, Kel and Lady Noha, who had been rescued after their ship stranded them in our dimension. Over time, Eden grew very fond of Noha and began to fall for her, but knew that her father wished to take her as his new mistress. He thought that such a woman would be a great prize for him. Eden could not bear to see Noha be forced into such a union and so she plotted to escape with Kel and Noha. With the help of Akuma, they were successful and now they hide amongst The Unity.

Eden continues to try and assist the rebellion where she can and hopes to one day to return to overthrow her father.

Eden Starkiller

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